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Fully made with AI

we are Alive.

A creative agency fueled by generative AI.

AI Driven and Creative at the Core

At ALIVE, we use the newest Gen AI to craft personalized, effective marketing campaigns. By constantly exploring AI advancements, we develop our unique AI tech solution, bringing simple, impactful brand stories to life. Dive into a future where creativity meets advanced technology, unlocking unlimited potential for your brand.

Creative AI Agency

Open Source Solutions

Gen AI

Augmented Campaign


Boundless Projects

Unlock the full potential of your creativity with our AI creatives, where your ideas transition from concept to reality in the blink of an eye.

This groundbreaking technology not only accelerates production but also expands the horizons of possibility, ensuring that no vision is too vast.

What we do (and it's limitless)

Be more inclusive and represent better your community that embodies your cause. Create your Virtual Influencer or Model of your brand with consistency for 360° campaigns.

Model Crafting powered by AI

Where ideas meet impact. Elevate your brand with campaigns fueled by endless imagination. Our AI creatives team highlight the Brand experiences thanks our own AI technology dedicated for marketing needs.

Creative Campaigns powered by AI

Transform your message into an unforgettable visual journey and avoid slide into boredom. Prototype visually your concept with impact and desirability on your internal or exte audience.

Video animations powered by AI

They pushed our brand's imagination to new heights while meticulously respecting our essence. A true game-changer for us.

Alexander Lefebvre - CMO Belfontaine  

Our real intelligence Team.

With our AI creatives team, artificial intelligence isn't just a tool but a partner in breaking down the barriers between imagination and production.  

Marketing runs in his DNA, having worked for powerhouses like L'Oréal, LVMH, and even Nestlé. His obsession is using AI as a game changer to bring brands to life and push companies forward. 

Olivier Guetta

Founder & CEO

High-profile projects in audiovisual and music sectors to specializing in generative AI. Her expertise in creating strong visual identities now serves to enhance brand positioning and managing our creatives AI team.

Jessica Bodin

Artistic Director

Developing ALIVE's proprietary technology, which integrates the best of open source tech to ensure agility and continuous improvement based on brand needs. His approach seamlessly blends high-touch service with high-tech solutions.

Rémi Ranc

Technical Director

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